St. John鈥檚 joins 澳彩开奖记录


St. John鈥檚 joins 澳彩开奖记录

St. John鈥檚 College, a specialist college based in Brighton, has joined national charity 澳彩开奖记录.

St. John鈥檚 College in Kemptown provides education, care and therapy for autistic young people aged 16-25, many of whom also have learning disabilities. Young people can attend the college on a residential or day basis.

澳彩开奖记录 is the national charity standing with autistic children and young people. It runs three specialist schools and a specialist college in London, supporting autistic children and young people aged 3-25.

The merger was announced in April and takes place just before the start of the new term, on Friday 1 September. St. John鈥檚 College staff and services have become part of 澳彩开奖记录 and will be managed through the charity鈥檚 governance and executive leadership structure.

Jolanta Lasota, Chief Executive of 澳彩开奖记录, said:

鈥湴牟士奔锹 and St. John鈥檚 College share values and a commitment to supporting autistic children and young people to achieve positive outcomes.

“Together we will provide high quality education for more autistic children and young people and also share best practice and resources.

鈥淥ur combined experience will enable us to further develop a robust, evidence-based model of education for autistic children, young people and young adults that leads to better life-long outcomes and influences policy and practice nationally.鈥

Karen Grist, Principal of St. John鈥檚 College, added:

鈥淭his is a really exciting new chapter for St. John鈥檚 College as we join 澳彩开奖记录.

鈥淲ith support from the national charity, we will continue to provide a stimulating learning environment for young people that promotes the development of their personal interests and abilities and prepares them for greater independence and autonomy over their future lives.鈥

St. John鈥檚 College was established in 1886 as a seaside convalescent home. In 1956, it transformed into a school for disabled children.

The college is seeking residential support workers to join its team and support autistic young people to nurture their interests, embrace new experiences and be part of their community. To find out more, visit St. John’s careers site .

The charity 澳彩开奖记录 also runs national youth and employment programmes, offers training and consultancy, and campaigns nationally to ensure autistic children and young people can be themselves and realise their ambitions. For more information, visit 澳彩开奖记录 .

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