Life ready

Life ready

Community integration supports learners to fully access the community, providing meaningful life experiences, applicable to future living.

Learners will develop skills in knowing oneself; building confidence, recognising self-worth, owning problem solving strategies and knowing who can help. This curriculum learning area promotes skills in team building, working with others to achieve a single goal, assertiveness, having a voice, negotiation, accepting others’ opinions and resilience.

There is a focus on helping learners to understand their emotional and sensory needs, where the multidisciplinary team support the learners to apply self-regulation techniques.

All learners access and improve their engagement with the public community, including a comprehensive travel training scheme. Learners are encouraged to plan and organise access to community areas or activities to experience inclusive citizenship, leisure interests, social autonomy, safety and self-advocacy, forming part of our PSHE programme.


We deliver weekly PSHE (personal, social, health, economic) education sessions.

Tutors and specialist staff deliver key topics such as:

  • Friends and relationships
  • Respecting others
  • Get healthy
  • Culture
  • Our history
  • Is life fair?
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Money and
  • Work

Relationships and sex education support is planned and delivered on an individual bespoke basis, according to learner needs.